Bebird 2024 New Product Launch: Home 30S Born for Love, Made for Home

June 06,2024

May 31, the last day of May, Bebird held our new product launch for the Home 30S.

Bebird Home 30S is the ultimate ear care device for the modern family. With its sleek design and advanced features - the world's first flexible ear camera, ultra fine lens, external tweezer, and attachments for ear fluid application, Home 30S offers precision ear examinations and safe cleaning options, all from the comfort of home.

Born for Love, Made for Home!

There are at least 6 innovatives on Home 30S:

1) World's first IoT(Internet of Thing) Endoscope

2) 3.1mm ultra fine camera lens - smallest in the industry for narrow ear canal.

3)  HD camera with Algorithm optimized image performance

4) World's first flexible camera tube - better fit into curved ear canal than other rigid tube

5) Replaceable Tweezers and Visible medication attachment - Bebird's patents

6) Disinfection UVC light - Automatically sterilization after use.

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