Bebird Home30S: The Smartest Visual Ear Care Kit for family

Anodized shell color: white, blue

Feature Of Product :

  • 2024 New Arrival :
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HD 10 million pixels( Clearest endoscope)
3.5mm (smallerest endoscope for people with narrow canal)
Flexible(world's first flexible tube)
UVC Sterilizing automatically after use
Children, the elderly and the couples' tool are in different box to avoid Cross-contamination.
1. Smart visual earwax removal with spoon
2. Smart visual tweezers ( for clamping out foreign objects in the ear)
3. Smart Visual ear drop tool (need to work with ear drops)
4. IoT(Internet of Thing) for Remote Video Diagnosis ( need to work with family doctor)
5. Ear health assessment

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