How about bebird smart visual ear cleaner note3?

April 28,2021

Every time I clean my ears, I think that if I can have a camera on the earpick to see what's inside, it will be very convenient to remove the earwax. Today I brought you such a product, smart visual ear cleaner bebird note3 with a camera that can view the situation in the ear on the mobile app. The price of the product is acceptable to everyone.

The size of the ear picking stick is about the same as that of a fountain pen. The all-aluminum alloy body and frosted surface make it feel better when you hold it in your hand. There is a ring LED light in the middle that is white when in use, and the charging state is green.

bebird note3

The use of a magnetic mechanism at the ear picking cover can automatically align the cover. After opening, you can see that the light at the ear picking spoon is automatically turned on, and you cannot switch it manually. The ear pick can be removed with a single swipe.

bebird note3

Remove the earpick and you can see a 300W pixel camera at the lamp, using anti-blue lens, and the lens is dust-proof and anti-fog treatment.

The base can hold ear picks and ear picks stored in it, there are a total of 12 ear picks.

bebird note3

Annular anti-skid pad on the bottom

The ear picking rod can be charged when placed in the forward direction, and the ear picking rod can be placed in the reverse direction and has a certain magnetic attraction to place the ear picking rod off.

bebird note3


You can use it directly without connecting to the APP, and let my wife get my earwax. There is cold light on it, so you can complete earwax without using a flash. The other is to connect to the mobile phone APP and check the internal condition of the ear canal on the mobile phone to complete the earwax. The process of connecting the ear picking stick with mobile phone is very simple, just open the cover of the ear picking stick and connect to WiFi.

bebird note3

The control interface adopts a minimalist design, you can know the remaining power of the ear picking stick, the remaining time of use, and you can check the condition of the ear canal by clicking Start.

There are left and right ear observations at the bottom of the ear canal observation interface, and you can also choose a wide-screen lens and a focusing lens to pick out earwax.

The ear picker has a built-in six-axis smart gyroscope with a 300W pixel camera, which can clearly see the earwax in the ear.

bebird note3

Giving my child's earwax is also very smooth, and it will not stimulate the child's ears to hurt the child. In addition, my second treasure nose can also be taken out, because the children’s nostrils are too small, they can be taken out with the Q-shaped ear pick of the ear pick.

The bebird visual ear cleaner note3 feels very good after use. The ear pick does not hurt your ears when used. In addition, it is more conducive to picking out earwax with APP to observe the situation in the ear canal. The ear picking stick has a long battery life. Yes, basically it will only consume about 3% of the electricity once used

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