Veterinarian use Note 5 for Dog Cat Examination

January 05,2024

Dr. Rachel - A Veterinarian Youtuber with 210.1K subscribers on her channels, the profile of which says "Veterinarian working in dog, cat, and exotic animal medicine."

Also, her Instagram short videos attracted more attentions from the pet lovers, and she will often share the helpful information.

Testing with Bebird Note 5, she wrote a review in the Instagram post,

"It is extremely important to do a thorough examination of any rodent’s mouth, as their teeth are continuously growing and can contribute significantly to disease. Visualizing the ears and mouth of our pets can be challenging, but I recently discovered the Bebird AuriCare Note5 Pro works great for visualizing hard-to-reach areas!
With this scope, I'm even able to take pictures and videos to show the owners. I definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to add to their veterinary tool kit."


Below is her video with Bebird Note 5 Pro:


Dr. Rachel Siu ( 分享的帖子

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