Unboxing Bebird Note 5 by Youtuber LJP Tech

December 26,2023

LJP Tech - A Youtuber with 61.8K subscribers on his channels, the profile of which says "My main interests are wearable devices such like smart glasses, smart watch along with robotics, gaming devices, hacking devices and etc."


Smart wearable device usually relates to digital healthcare, like the smart watch may play an role for your blood mornitoring, why not Smart ear cleaner be a smart at-home healthcare for your ear, nose and mouth?


Base on the smart visual endoscopic technology, Bebird makes a great potential with the applications for our device. 


The spotlight product -AuriCare Note 5/Note 5 Pro owns an Omni-directional Tweezers along the ear scooping function, you can check how it works, and how clear our camera is!


Tweeze Out Your Earwax With Bebird AuriCare Note5 Pro!

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